Preserve and generate wealth. 


For families with an ‘Impact Agenda’, there is no more powerful Financial Reporting tool than Addepar. Not only does the platform deliver a world class Financial Reporting platform for Wealthy Families, for committed Impact Investors it can provide access to a huge anonymised databank of information relating to the global Impact Investing Universe.

The Addepar platform centralises your financial information by streamlining and optimising operations across data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. This allows for better investment insights and more effective stakeholder collaboration, while keeping everything private and secure.


Save Time And Money


Family offices spend an overwhelming amount of their time collecting, analysing, and consolidating financial information. Addepar streamlines and automates the process, giving your family a comprehensive view of any portfolio.


Make More Informed Decisions


Addepar’s robust data model, analysis and reporting tools allow you to navigate complex ownership structures and better understand your exposures so you can make more informed investment decisions. 


Provide A Tailored Experience


Our customised reporting and secure portal provides instant access, from anywhere, for family members and stakeholders so you can deliver on-demand reports tailored to their individual needs.


Enhanced Privacy And Security


Security is Addepar’s top priority. We have designed a multifaceted data security program that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of the data managed on our platform. Your data is always protected, whether it’s in transit or at rest.


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