The US Vegan Climate Index


The objective of this ETF is to create an investment vehicle that invests in the US market, focussing on large cap companies but with mission driven principles with Vegan and Environmental convictions.


This enables the Portfolio to reflect ESG principles with a significantly higher ‘Impact’ 

Features of the Investment Process


  • Primary universe is US large cap companies, principally the largest 500 US companies


  • Identify all companies exploiting animals or using materials derived from animals to provide their products and services


  • Identify fossil fuel energy and other companies whose products cause severe damage to the natural environment


  • Identify companies which emphasize military and defense, and who have poor human rights records


  • Construct initial portfolio and review industry balance, adding stocks in mid cap space that pass screens in underweighted industries


  • Apply market Cap weighting with risk spread across the largest stocks to maintain weighting on re balance below 5%


  • Six months rebalance and review of inclusions and exclusions subject to company engagement


  • Passive cap weighted index that evolves with changing company policies and acts to influence those policies



The Proportion of exclusions by Market Cap


In total 41% of US Large Caps are excluded for reasons of:


Animal Testing 15.9%


Animal Derived Products 13.3%


Animals in Sport or Entertainment  0.3%


Fossil Fuel 4.9%


Energy Production from Fossil Fuel 2.9%


Military And Defence 3.8%


Other Environmental and Human Rights violations 0.8%


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