If you believe that the emphasis on short term performance and annual incentivisation make it very difficult for traditional wealth managers to deliver a truly long term strategic portfolio, it becomes important to understand which industry specialisations can deliver the ‘multi – generational’ stability and growth that we are looking for in our core portfolio.


The Pensions Industry naturally sit in this space, embracing sustainability and long term time horizons as an integral part of their thinking, but it's also true that some managers in the Trust Industry have evolved their investment philosophy in a sector which not only likes to see long term asset preservation; it mandates its delivery.


One of the pioneering Investment managers in the offshore sector has been working on the delivery of portfolio management for the Trust Sector for over 40 years – and the characteristics of the mandate will resonate with families looking to secure the inter-generational interests of their family members:


  • Taking The Asset Allocation decision out of your hands


  • Through the cycle investing – emphasising the need for Dynamic Asset Allocation


  • Harvesting various sources of return on a risk managed basis


  • Diversification and reduced volatility


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