A secure encrypted digital vault where wealthy individuals can list details of everything that advisors and the family need to know about following their death - as a means of ensuring that everything they own is at least ‘brought to the table’ and is administered properly following their death - or permanent incapacity.


The digital vault is completed either privately or with the guidance of their professional advisor and may provide details of:


Bank accounts

Deposit boxes


Passwords and access codes

Professional advisor details 



Other Financial / Wealth structures

Insurance policies

Legal documents including wills, letters of wishes etc

Instructions for advisors and family members


Relevant information is released to designated parties as set out by the individual concerned on the production of a death certificate. The recipients of the information are made aware of the vaults existence but not its contents until the death certificate is presented .. or specified incapacity markers are met.


The Vault provides reassurance that assets will be dealt with appropriately and provide protection against mis appropriation of assets by unscrupulous advisors.


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