A fully regulated technology platform for investing in Impact and Innovation businesses worldwide. 

The G9 Impact & Innovation Investment Platform 


A fully regulated technology platform for investing in Impact and Innovation businesses worldwide. 


Key Features:


  • A fully regulated global platform for investors in Impact and Innovation

  • Research, discover, invest and trade growth companies in one place

  • Encompassing the full spectrum of direct investment from Start Up to Pre IPO

  • Invest directly into the company or trade shares

  • Each company has full Investment Profile, including Video and DD pack

  • Seed Fund raising rounds from €50,000 to €1m

  • Accelerator Capital Fund raising rounds typically €1m to €5m

  • Single investor or syndicated funding

  • Buy and sell equity and stock within the private capital marketplace

  • Investments and Trades secured using block chain tech

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of ‘SLUSH’ the worlds No1 Business Start Up Community

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of ‘Impact Entrepreneur’ the worlds leading Impact Start Up Programme

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of the G9 – a private network of family offices and global business families

The G9IP 

The G9 Impact & Innovation Investment Platform (G9IP) has emerged from the evolution of the two major trends in the dynamics of ultra high net worth families.


Investing in Impact – aligning the families wealth with it’s values


Investing in Innovation – supporting entrepreneurs who are the driving force of global economic prosperity


There remains a considerable friction in the process of matching ‘Investor Capital’ with the entrepreneurs behind these pioneers in Impact and Innovation and the G9IP has brought together the key elements of this investment and trading ‘infra structure’ to create an efficient and effective marketplace which we believe will become the primary home of the Global Private Capital Market.



The G9 has long recognized that technology will not replace trusted human relationships when it comes to working with our families to guide their investment into Impact & Innovation start up and early stage businesses.


There is also little doubt that the best technology platform can facilitate the process. 


So our starting point is that we have established relationships with UHNW families based upon our pioneering work as a ‘Not For Profit’ Think Tank working on Family Office Thought Leadership since 2003. We are already a Trusted Partner not only with a global network of UHNW families but also with a significant number of the elite professional advisors who work with family offices worldwide; relationships we have held since 1986.




 We have been working with the award winning FunderBeam technology platform (European Fintech Company of the Year 2017) to create a bespoke version of their Platform that is more focused on the Investment demands of our primary investors.


First Look Priority Access – a ‘window’ of privileged access to review offerings

Lead Investor Status – the ability to secure Lead Investor Status in the Fund Raise

Sole Investor Status – the ability to take the whole fund raise directly

Profiled Investments – access to Tier 1 G9 Profiled Investments that have been through an additional layer of vetting by our Industry Partners






Founded by Peter Versterbacke (Angry Birds), SLUSH is the world’s largest  ‘Start Up’ event. Starting in Helsinki in 2008, SLUSH now hosts gatherings of the global start up community in major cities around the world. 


In addition to presenting their start up proposals to investors at SLUSH events, the Entrepreneurs behind many of the worlds most exciting new businesses will bring their Funding Proposals to the G9IP’s exclusive ‘Priority Access’ platform





Founded by Laurie Lane Zucker, a respected pioneer in Global Impact, the Impact Entrepreneur’s 17,000+ community is one of the largest groups of investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and organizations working in the impact sector worldwide.


The ‘Impact Inside’ programme is a specially designed, curated suite of educational, incubation and networking tools and resources for Impact Entrepreneurs at co-working locations and Universities around the world that are building businesses that address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


The G9IP will have exclusive ‘Priority Access’ to a stream of impact start ups emerging from the Impact Inside programme – including those from many of the leading Universities in the world




Funderbeam is already a leading Technology Platform for Start Up Fundraising and behind the G9IP, our platform will provide direct access to the searchable database of global business start up and accelerator funding opportunities profiled by the Funderbeam team.




As active start up investors in Impact & Innovation, our families will be invited to bring their invested companies into the G9IP to assist with additional Fund Raising and to add liquidity to their investment through our proprietary Trading Platform.

THE G9IP PLATFORM: Powered by Funderbeam



There are two components to the G9IP platform:



The Primary Market: Fund Raising


The primary market is where investors buy shares of the company directly from the company. The securities are issued for the first time by the company itself to the investors. The price of the securities is fixed.


Companies can raise funds from G9 investors globally; whether a single investor, a small pool of co-investors or a syndicated equity crowdfunding. Irrespective of the number of investors in the raise, the Lead Investor is the only contact point added to the cap table.


Before you can begin to invest, you have to apply for Investor Status so that we can verify your identity. Once you have obtained your Investor status, you can search for suitable investments and submit an indication of interest. The indication is not a legally binding contract but rather a way to express your interest to invest in a particular company or syndicate.


A: Direct Investing


G9 members have priority access to each business financing opportunity on G9IP


If taking a direct interest in the company, discussions will commence between the parties until terms are accepted or otherwise and there is no requirement for the fundraising to be syndicated.


If the G9 investor wishes to have their shares available to trade in the secondary market then they are still able to put their investment through the required process as a Lead (albeit ‘sole’ external investor)


B: Investing in a syndicate


If the investment is syndicated (private or open) then when the fund raising target has been met, the syndicate is closed and the investor will receive the official investment proposals. You can either accept or reject the investment proposal. If you accept, you will receive the payment notice and you will make the initial payment.


After all of the funds have been collected, the tokens are distributed to all of the backers and you will be able to trade these on the secondary market.


The Secondary Market: Trading 


The secondary market is where investors buy into the company via trading shares with existing investors. Secondary market provides liquidity for the investors because the securities are sold by one investor to another. The prices on the secondary market vary, depending on the demand and supply of the securities.


Funderbeam’s award winning Fintech provides the Blockchain backed process which enables fast, transparent and secure trading in the secondary market.


Adding ‘Liquidity’ to the process of early stage investing is a significant boost to investors who are now able to buy and sell shares in companies at any time from the initial fund raise to a liquidity event or IPO.



The Syndication Process

When investors pool funds to invest in a startup, a syndicate is formed. This syndicate can be 'open' or 'closed' (by invitation only). Headed by the lead investor, each syndicate is represented by a separate special-purpose vehicle (SPV), a private limited company created to invest those funds. It will also hold any startup equity it receives. These SPVs are set up under Estonian law, with more jurisdictions under way.

The lead investor negotiates syndicate terms (round size, valuation, ticket size, the number of investors, trading rights, lead carry, etc.) with the startup. When both sides are satisfied, the syndicate will be opened to potential backers.

These investors can indicate their interest, and if approved by the lead, they will join the syndicate. Approved investments are structured as loans to the SPV, with backers as its creditors.




Tokens are representations of the investments made on G9IP. For instance, if a company raises €100,000 we create 100,000 tokens and distribute them evenly based on how much each investor has put in. If you’ve invested €1,000, you get 1,000 tokens (unless the token value is an uneven amount). When you have tokens, you are free to sell them at any price you want or buy more tokens from other investors.

Tokens represent a loan given to the syndicate, and it is the rights to this loan that you are trading. The syndicate has taken a loan from all the investors who formed the syndicate and used this money to invest into a company. Upon a liquidity event (IPO or acquisition), the syndicate will see a return on the investment, and pay the return to all token-holders in amounts relative to how many tokens you hold. (If you hold 10% of the tokens in a syndicate, you get 10% of the return of the syndicate)


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