Foreign Exchange Solution for Private Clients



The G9fx online platform is a simple and cost-effective solution for making currency transfers. Often, an individual will pay extremely high transaction fees, experience poor customer service when sending a small or large currency payment and receive uncompetitive exchange rates.


The G9fx team combines market-leading knowledge with the highest professionalism to create an efficient platform for you to purchase and administer your foreign exchange outgoings.


Whether you need to pay international school fees, settle monthly mortgage payments for a second home abroad, pay maintenance costs for an asset that is based outside of your home country or invest in a one-off purchase that is payable in another currency, our seamless online solution can help you.





No set-up cost


Clear and easy navigation


Competitive and transparent exchange rates and transfer fees


Access to the platform via your internet browser, 24 hours a day


Ability to save and store the details of your frequent beneficiaries


Monitor the progress and status of your payments 


Funds kept in secure client-segregated bank accounts Onshore and offshore bank accounts available


Direct line to the G9fx team


Foreign Exchange Solution for Family Owned Enterprise


G9fx has partnered with a leading FinTech company to develop the perfect solution for any company that is buying or selling currency. The G9fx team combines market-leading knowledge with expert practice in the international payments industry to offer a fully integrated platform.


The complete online foreign exchange suite is purpose-built to enable corporate companies to manage and track their currency exposure in a simple and cohesive manner.


We found that the main issues businesses have when making a currency payment are the uncompetitive exchange rates and high transfer fees, access to only basic functionality of the platform along with no central point of contact when queries occur.





Log-in via your internet browser No set-up cost


Transparent exchange rates with no hidden fees Ability to monitor the status of your transactions


Instant tracking of funds through direct integration with SWIFT (MT103)

Capacity to transfer currency to one or multiple beneficiaries in one simple transaction


Multi-tiered user permissions


Authorisation of payments under the built-in 4-eyes principle


CSV file formatted reports that are compatible with most accounting software


Notifications with key information and prompts Direct line to the G9fx Team


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