London Ultra Prime Real Estate will always represent a peerless market in the minds of global UHNW families. Financially, London offers a safe haven for international buyers, a stark contrast to many cities globally and coupled with incredibly high standards of living one can begin to understand the longevity to the value of the London property market. 


The U.K boasts world-class education, near un-rivalled culture and every amenity you could wish for; all traits which helped London to establish itself as the international City of the World. The number of high-end homebuyers – as opposed to investors – has surged in Prime Central London, according to some analysis by London Central Portfolio, driving a 23% increase in activity in the £5m-10m bracket.

There has remained a constant, underlying demand for Ultra Prime Central London; because in spite of political climates both domestically and internationally, London will always remain one of the world’s most desirable cities to live.


For this reason, the G9 is working with one of London’s most prestigious developers, Landmass, to create a programme of development projects focusing on creating London Ultra Prime Rental Properties for our investors.


The role of Landmass is to secure an Ultra Prime asset suitable for renovation or conversion.


Landmass bring unrivalled experience, knowledge and expertise to the buying process; ensuring that the target asset is acquired at an optimum price.


Landmass Project Manage the entire design and development process


The investor secures ownership of a single block of Ultra Prime Residential apartments for the premium rental market delivering:


  • The security of Ultra Prime London Real Estate as a safe haven investment

  • A non-correlated store of value with an exceptional record of long-term capital appreciation

  • Rental yields that commence at circa 2.5% - appreciating in real terms over time

  • Option to reserve one or more units for family use.

  • Ownership of a ‘global status asset’


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