There are two key issues with regard to deploying capital into Pre – IPO ‘Category Killers’ – those companies that have the capability of being the next Unicorn Stock:


1: Identifying the emerging stars with strong fundamentals and the ability to scale fast; distinguishing winners from the plethora of organisations that have survived the start up phase and appear on the cusp of stellar growth…but failing to make the transition into becoming a global player


2. Accessing the stock of the those companies that have been identified as targets.



The G9 is a natural environment for ‘tech icons’ of Silicon Valley, the Tech hubs in Europe, Scandinavia, Israel and Asia and we have spent many years building relationships with the innovators and leading investors who are at the heart of this sector worldwide.


These relationships have given us unprecedented access to the expertise and connections who are able to pave the way for successful investing in this sector.


  • For Investors who have the in-house expertise to identify their target stocks, we can often provide direct access to the Cap Table Investors who are willing and authorised to release stock privately into the market for swift and discrete transaction of scale (typically $5m minimum)


  • For Investors who have neither the requisite sector expertise nor access to deploy capital into this sector, we have an investment programme enabling the family to allocate capital into a private investment vehicle alongside a well know Billionaire Tech Investor who has opened up his programme to G9 Investors –bringing an exceptional 5 year track record and exceptional access to the table, delivering 25%+IRRs



Key themes include:


  • Displacement of bricks and mortar by web players (eg amazon, google, Expedia)


  • Disruption of service industries by mobile first Apps (Airbnb, Deliveroo, Uber)


  • Automation and Productivity using Deep Data, AI and Machine Learning


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