Private Wealth Systems ( PWS) is one of a small number of technology platforms that has been bespoke designed for Private Family wealth rather than being a modified version of a Financial Reporting Platform for the Investments industry


Although the underlying reporting platform is as sophisticated and robust as demanded by Institutional clients, the critical interface within a private family environment is significantly different; and the pedigree of the team behind PWS is perhaps unrivalled in this sector.


The Key differentiators of the PWS platform include:


Target User: Most systems are built for the accountants or portfolio managers and not the wealth owners. The PWS system is built for the wealth owner as well as the advisors and operations staff.


Multi-currency: our system supports transaction-level multi-currency. A base account in swiss francs can trade in Euros and settle in dollars – as an example.  We also track the currency rates on the date of the transaction which will allow us to provide currency contribution to return analytics.  Many systems take an average of the exchange rate each month which blurs the true currency effect on performance.  We have clients in Switzerland, Mexico, Dubai, London, Toronto, Panama, and the US.


Custom security master: you can create custom attributes at the individual security level under each account - up to 20 fields of free text per security, account or entity. So if a husband says Amazon is a technology company, his wife says it’s a retail company and the child states it’s a distribution company we can support that level of personalisation.


Take a look at the following Platform Demonstration to see how the PWS platform could work for you: Click Here


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