G9 Special Programmes are targeted at specific regions where opportunity abounds and we have significant Family Partners in the region. We work closely with our Partners to provide access to investor programmes which take advantage of the local knowledge and expertise which can be required to successfully navigate the investment process in each region.


Finland and Estonia are at the heart of Eurasia; appearing in the top of nearly every global lifestyle category in terms of quality of life, educational standards and prosperity. Also the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’ the region is attracting global interest as a centre for tech education and major infra structure is being developed to cater to that demand.


Western Australia’s proximity to Europe and Asian markets combines with its outstanding natural beauty, almost perfect climate, its status as the market garden for Australasia and one of the worlds largest mining sectors to provide the foundations for a huge growth in infrastructure, housing, employment and Tourism.


The challenges of Investing directly into China are many and varied. This is our favourite means of de-risking exposure to this significant economy.


Switzerland remains the epicenter of large scale family run enterprise in Europe but exposure as an asset class to Switzerland is distorted by the size and scale of just a handful of industrial giants. 


The scale of opportunity to invest in the booming Indian economy is clear for all to see; but navigating inward investment is hugely problematical for many.


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