There are many and varied asset backed financing transactions which provide strong, stable and secure returns to the investor. From our perspective, allocation into this asset class as a sequence of ‘one off’ transactions each requiring specialist sector knowledge is fraught with problems as the specialist expertise required to evaluate a proposal effectively varies with each and every asset.


Our strategy is to build a case for an Asset Class Theme, where the specialist knowledge, once acquired, can be utilised many times over.


Applying the Principle of the 3 P’s to an asset class theme then brings a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to each transaction – with the diligence, process and paperwork requirements being reasonably standard for each and every proposal.


The G9 works with specific asset class expertise on a number of distinct programmes each with their own unique characteristics. 


In some cases (eg G9 Whisky Finance) a specialist Lending Fund Vehicle is established to facilitate ease of capital deployment.


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