The G9 Impact & Innovation Investment Platform (G9520) has emerged from the evolution of the two major trends in the dynamics of ultra high net worth families.


Investing in Impact – aligning the families wealth with it’s values


Investing in Innovation – supporting entrepreneurs who are the driving force of global economic prosperity


There remains a considerable friction in the process of matching ‘Investor Capital’ with the entrepreneurs behind these pioneers in Impact and Innovation and  G9520 has brought together the key elements of this investment and trading ‘infra structure’ to create an efficient and effective marketplace which we believe will become the primary home of the Global Private Capital Market.


A fully regulated technology platform for investing in Impact and Innovation businesses worldwide. 


Key Features:


  • A fully regulated global platform for investors in Impact and Innovation

  • Research, discover, invest and trade growth companies in one place

  • Encompassing the full spectrum of direct investment from Start Up to Pre IPO

  • Invest directly into the company or trade shares

  • Each company has full Investment Profile, including Video and DD pack

  • Seed Fund raising rounds from €50,000 to €1m

  • Accelerator Capital Fund raising rounds typically €1m to €5m

  • Single investor or syndicated funding

  • Buy and sell equity and stock within the private capital marketplace

  • Investments and Trades secured using block chain tech

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of ‘SLUSH’ the worlds No1 Business Start Up Community

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of ‘Impact Entrepreneur’ the worlds leading Impact Start Up Programme

  • Exclusive Investment Partner of the G9 – a private network of family offices and global business families



For further details refer to the G9CFO Platforms section


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