Direct investments involve taking a controlling or significant stake in an operating business. Prior to making direct investments an investment policy statement should be developed that takes into account the investor's goals and competencies, and macro economics and industry trends, which will be impacting the markets in which businesses operate. These steps clarify direct investment strategy, research, pursuits, risk, and capital allocation 


Our Programme: Having represented 400+ business owning families and family offices on matters related to their direct investments, we have a proven process, supported by a proprietary data‐driven, intelligence resource platform designed to facilitate and enhance direct investment results. 


Few family offices are staffed to generate proprietary deal sourcing (especially generating off‐market opportunities) as well as all the other activities associated with evaluating and closing direct investment transactions. In addition, as many wish to partner with other family offices on direct investments, very few have the reach and contacts to find other value‐added, compatible family offices as co‐investment partners. 

Our Programme


Our data‐driven intelligence resource platform is designed to facilitate and enhance direst investment results. By using our proprietary database of over 30,000 family owned, middle market businesses, we have been able to identify and complete off‐market direct investment transactions avoiding auction processes. Our network of roughly 400 family offices has, also, enabled our clients to establish highly successful co‐investment partnerships, which we refer to as ‘Families Investing With Families’. 


After direct investments have been completed, many family offices lack the full‐time resources needed to support the corporate development of their direct investments, including evaluating, planning, and implementing strategic growth initiatives, operational improvement, succession management, and business transformation


Our Programme


We have helped many clients realize 3x‐to‐7x growth in revenues and/or EBITDA margin improvements from their direct investments in operating businesses through a combination of organic and external growth, and/or operational efficiencies, tied to long‐term corporate development programs; some clients have achieved revenue growth from their direct investments in operating businesses in excess of 20x.


Many family offices or entities organized for family wealth transfer (e.g. trusts) need support to oversee, govern, and/or monitor their direct investment holdings. Our operating partner capabilities improve results for direct investments. 


Our Programme


Our experienced team of senior professionals, most of whom have both Board and C‐Level experience overseeing direct investments are available to serve on Boards, Advisory Boards and Board Committees to support the governance and monitoring of our clients’ equity invested in private operating businesses and assets. 


While many family offices are attracted to direct investments, many do not have the resources to adequately plan, originate, grow, monitor or transition their direct investment portfolios. Our skilled professional team members who are supported by our proprietary tools and methodologies, assist clients in realising the full potential of their direct investment objectives or activities by providing non‐conflicted and trustworthy support in one, or more, of the four competencies that are critical to successful direct investment initiatives. 

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