When a family makes a commitment to aligning its wealth with its values, it often involves a complete review of every aspect of the family’s activities - a task which can seem to be overwhelming. But at its most simplistic, a family can achieve huge change simply by adding a single layer of governance to their existing processes:


‘Every time we deploy significant capital, have we asked the question - “Does this investment reflect our families values and the impact that we are seeking to have on this world”


But for many families, this simple question elicits a response which requires further work:


What is our money for?

What are the family’s values?

How do we deal with differences in beliefs and values between generations and family members?

Who are our other ‘stakeholders’ and should we be listening to them?

What impact do we wish to make on the world?

How much of our wealth are we willing to commit to making an impact?

Does this involve reviewing our existing businesses, operations and investments as well as future deployments of capital?


In addition to answering these philosophical questions, this also creates the perfect oppportunity to assess how everything else is done; building this new vision for our family based upon solid foundations.


The G9 established the Successful Legacy Families model following a period of extensive research into the characteristics which were common to successful multi generation UHNW families around the world. The G9 Private Office model has been designed to help families to become Successful Legacy Families by bringing together the complete range of resources that each family needs in order to effectively manage and control it's affairs within it's very own 'Private Office'.


The key to the G9 approach is our recognising that every family has very different needs; from the philosophy which drives their vision, through the level of involvement that they wish to have in decision making, to their engagement in day to day management and administration of their family's affairs. Every family is different, and each Private Office has to be built around the unique characteristics of each family.


Our role, under the direction of our lead advisors working alongside the family, is to bring together a team of expertise and resource which delivers everything that the family needs to create its own bespoke private office.


Our Team:


The G9 works with G9 Council Members (world class independent advisors), G9 Partners (pre eminent institutional level resource), the family and it's trusted advisors to ensure that a perfect blend of resources are brought to the table within their Private Office.


Our lead advisor orchestrates and co-ordinates these resources to develop and implement your comprehensive wealth and succession plan. This will typically include:


Defining a vision for the family's wealth

Creating meaningful governance to guide and manage the family's activities

Developing appropriate wealth structures (Estate Planning & Tax Planning)

Family Company Advisory (Stakeholder management and succession).

Investment management (outsourced CIO models) 

Developing Philanthropic & Impact programmes

Family education (NextGen programmes, financial education, communication)


In every aspect of this work, we operate an open architecture 'Best of Breed' resource model. Established partners each bringing their wisdom and knowledge derived from their heritage of working with many of the worlds wealthiest families. Working under a 'Lead G9 Advisor' within this resource model allows the co-ordination and alignment of resources to be directed towards the family's unique vision of success - however it chooses to define it.


Once this process is complete a roadmap of actions and costings is presented setting out a recommended course of action and a shortlist of partner resources.


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