The UK Purpose Built Rental Sector (PBRS) provides a significant opportunity to invest in the UK residential housing market as the market adjusts to reflect a significant shift away from home ownership. The broken economics of affordability in the UK has resulted in a re alignment of the housing sector to PBRS - creating demand for the more European model of high quality long term rentals.


The G9 has created a JV with a leading national developer, Rocktree Group, to provide a number of alternative investment routes into the UK PBRS. 


Primarily the key question for investors relates to the rationale for investing:


  • Investing for pure development gain (3-5 years)


  • Investing into established projects for long term yield 


  • Investing from inception for long term yield 


The investor then has the flexibility to invest in:


  • Sole investor in specific distinct projects


  • Co investor in specific distinct projects


  • Strategic investor in G9 PBSR Fund


With a pipeline of 10,000 units and projects ranging from 10 units to 1000 units, the UK PBRS programme provides a range of opportunities to invest in this rapidly emerging sector


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