A region with huge untapped potential
Close Proximity to China and Asia
More accessible from Europe than Gold Coast
The best sunshine record in Australia
The market garden for Australasia
Generous natural resources

The logistics epicentre of WA’s mining industry

The logistics epicentre of WA’s agriculture industry

Huge expansion of Port Facilities

Expansion of airport to take direct international flights

Proximity to China enabling huge expansion of capacity as China looks for Food Security

Massive infrastructure development as China secures access to source of natural minerals and ore

Demographic shift from Perth as families seek lifestyle/cost benefits

Infra structure expansion will see demand for an additional 10,000 households in the immediate area 

Expansion of town facilities, employment opportunities, leisure amenities and education resources driving growth of population by 2020

Expansion of airport along with the scale and quality of resources and leisure amenities driving opportunity for huge expansion of tourism industry

Accessibility, climate and amenities make this a perfect tourist destination; whether en route to the rest of Australia or as a destination in its own right

The virtuous circle of tourism growth demanding increase in accommodation, amenities and services drives more employment and investment in the area.


WA has 5 developed communities along a stretch of coastline that the East Coast fills with100+ resorts

The climate, beaches, ocean, coral reefs, and landscape offer everything that the East Coast has to offer -  but historical lack of strategic thinking has held back the development of the region as a global tourist destination


To commence the development of two major building programmes providing a new 2500 home community with schooling, leisure and retail facilities, along with a tourism resort village

To build a major town centre / waterfront mixed use complex with restaurants, retail, office and leisure resources to create a focal point for a rapidly growing town.


  • A 2500+ unit village adjacent to the current town outskirts on a rising natural landscape providing beautiful views across the Indian Ocean

  • An 80 unit tourist resort at the top of the Geraldton ridge

  • A mixed use town centre commercial/retail development 

  • Each site has been acquired by HLD

  • Each site is fully permissioned

  • Each site will be overseen by HLD - with 50 years of development experience in Geraldton 

  • HLD have developed over 25 % of the housing stock in Geraldton and have an unprecedented insight into the housing


  • Probably the finest plot in Exmouth

  • Adjacent to and overlooking the towns primary beach

  • Land is owned, permitted and good to go

  • First class Tourism 

  • International Airport in place

  • Most easily accessible region from Asia & Europe

  • Growing recognition of Ningaloo region as a global tourist destination

  • Small but upscale feel to much of the town

  • Major 5 star resort development and investment from wealthy patron


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